Parking in Northwest Portland

The Northwest Parking District was created to bridge the gap between parking availability and demand, support a full range of transportation options within the context of neighborhood livability and economic vitality, efficiently manage parking, and reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles.

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Northwest Portland Zone M On-Street Parking

Parking in Northwest Portland (also called Zone M) is an area with metered parking and parking for residential/business permit holders. Make sure the check the street signage where you park to make sure you are parking legally. For more information on parking in Portland, visit our On-Street Parking Guide

If you are interested in learning more about on-street parking management in Northwest Portland, please refer to this Management Plan Map, or read the full Northwest Portland Parking Management Plan

Northwest Residential and Business Parking Permits

Important Parking Information for Zone M Residents and Business Owners

Permit surcharge (business and residential)

  • Permits will cost $195 ($75 permit + $120 surcharge)
  • New permits will remain limited to one per licensed driver.
  • Applicants renewing more than one permit will be subject to a tiered pricing structure.
  • Low-income residents at 80% Area Median Income (AMI) can self-certify and do not pay the permit surcharge (go to information table).

Business Permits

  • Permits will cost $195 ($75 permit + $120 surcharge)
  • The maximum number of permits issued to any business is 50.
  • Businesses requesting more than 30 permits must complete a mandatory survey on their transportation demand management plans and practices, as well as about their off-street parking (go to survey).
  • Businesses may request an exception (to buy more than 50 permits) by writing to the NW Parking District Liaison. Decisions will be made based on their TDM and parking management practices (go to process document). If a business is issued an exception for more than 50 permits, the additional permits over the first 50 would cost $390 each.

Click here to apply for a Zone M Area Parking Permit.

Residential Permits

  • Permits will cost $195 ($75 permit + $120 surcharge)
  • The number of resident permits allowed per address will be reduced proportionately by the number of off-street parking spaces available to that address.
  • Residential permit applicants will complete an off-street declaration form with their application.
  • Households in buildings with certificates of occupancy (CO) prior to August 7, 2013, would be eligible to receive a minimum of one permit per household.
  • Residents of buildings with paid off-street parking who meet the 80% Area Median Income (AMI) are eligible to buy one parking permit at the low-income rate (go to information table).
  • Residents that currently have more than one permit are eligible to renew their permits at a tiered price (permit prices below). The off-street declaration form will work in conjunction with this rule.Therefore, a current resident may be eligible for less permits if off-street parking is available to them.
    • 1st permit: $195
    •  2nd permit: $390
    •  3rd permit and thereafter: $585

Click here to apply for a Zone M Area Parking Permit.

New Residential Applicants

If you are a brand new parking permit applicant and reside in a building that received a certificate of occupancy prior to August 7, 2013 to following restrictions apply:

  • Limit of one permit per licensed driver, maximum of three permits per address.
  • Permits will cost $195 per permit.
  • There will be a low-income provisions available; if the resident meets 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) identified by the Portland Housing Bureau then they are eligible for a base rate Zone M permit ($75).

Click here to apply for a Zone M Area Parking Permit.

Information about building age and permit restrictions can be found here. 

Newer Residential Buildings in Zone M

  • Residential buildings that obtained their certificate of occupancy after August 7, 2013 but before September 1, 2017 will be limited to 0.6 permits per number of units in the building
  • Residential buildings that obtained their certificate of occupancy September 1, 2017 or after will be limited to 0.4 permits per number of units in the building
  • The off-street parking declaration form and rules apply to residents in buildings that obtained their certificate of occupancy after August 7, 2013.

Click here to apply for a Zone M Area Parking Permit.

Information about building age and permit restrictions can be found here. 

Residential Opt Out Incentive – Funded by Permit Surcharge

If a resident chooses to not renew their parking permit, they can opt to receive a free Transportation Wallet which includes:

  • $100 TriMet Hop Card
  • BIKETOWN and E-scooter Credits
  • Annual Portland Streetcar Pass

Business Opt-out Incentive

If a business chooses to not purchase parking permits, they are eligible to receive free or discounted Transportation Wallets for their employees. There is no limit to the number of eligible permit opt-outs. Free Transportation Wallets can be received for each parking permit not renewed based on a reduction of permits that were issued in 2018, Discounted Transportation Wallets can be received for each additional eligible permit exchanged, Transportation Wallet is available for $25 each.

The information above is available in a printable PDF here.

On-Street Visitor Parking

Northwest Portland is a vibrant area of the City, filled with shops, restaurants, bars, nightlife activities, and family friendly activities. If you are planning to visit Northwest Portland, you can expect to pay for parking if you are parking on-street. On the main commercial corridors of NW 23rd Ave and NW 21st Ave, parking is metered only. If you are parking on other streets, you will likely be in the residential permit area, known as Zone M. You will also have to pay for parking in these areas, and the signs in this area will look a little different because vehicles with residential or business permits can park without paying at the meter. Please keep in mind that no matter where you park, there is a time limit. Check the large sign near the paystation (usually the middle of the block) to confirm how long you can stay before you must move your car. Use the map below to research on-street parking in advance.

Want to skip the meter? Download the City's mobile pay app, Parking Kitty!

Interactive Parking Map

Looking for a disability parking stall? Click the link below for an interactive map. Standard disability stalls are marked with a "D" when you zoom in, and Wheelchair User Only stalls are marked with a "W". Need more information about disability parking in Portland? Click here to read about rules and regulations

Disability Parking Map

Off-Street Parking

Off-street parking in Northwest just got easier! Click here to learn about off-street options, and well as other resources for parking in Northwest Portland. 

Northwest Parking District Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)

The NW Parking District SAC formed in 2014 and members were appointed by Commissioner Novick. The members include 4 representatives from Northwest District Association (NWDA), 4 representatives from Nob Hill Business Association (NHBA), and 5 At-large individuals. 

The NW Parking District SAC’s mission is to advise the City on transportation and parking issues in NW and support a full range of transportation options within the context of neighborhood livability and economic vitality with the goal of efficiently managing parking and reducing reliance on single-occupancy vehicles. The NW Parking District SAC evaluates district transportation needs and priorities and sets forth priority projects and programs to support and facilitate more efficient transportation access.

The NW Parking District SAC meets monthly to discuss matters related to the plan. Meetings occur on the third Wednesdays of the month from 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM, typically at Friendly House, 1737 NW 26th Ave, but meetings are now being held virtually on Zoom. They receive status updates on meters and permits and review requests/exceptions. They also develop a list of transportation related projects and programs for the District to use net meter revenues and the permit surcharge. Meeting agendas, summaries and materials are posted here.  

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Timbers Parking

If you're thinking about driving and parking on-street for a Timbers game, please be aware there are limited locations to park for the duration of the game. The meters in Northwest Portland are designed to limit parking in the Northwest area to ensure there is enough parking for local residents (Restricted Event Parking on the map below). The meters near the stadium in Downtown Portland will have event pricing starting 3 hours before game start, and lasting 3 hours after game start (Event Parking on the map below). 

Timbers schedule for 2020

Check out this flier for more information about parking on game days.

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