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6th Grade Transportation Safety Quiz

Slides with notes: 6th Grade Transportation Safety Notes (PDF)

Outline: 6th Grade Transportation Safety Lesson Plan

Presentation: 6th Grade Transportation Safety PowerPoint (PDF)


Community Ride Protocol

Student PE/Bike Opt-Out Assignment

How to Use Volunteer Support While Teaching Bike Safety

Bike Safety Glossary

Best Practices

Roseway Heights MS Community Ride Map

Ron Russell MS Community Ride Map

Parkrose MS Community Ride Map

Ockley Green MS Community Ride Map

Harriet Tubman MS Community Ride Map

George MS Community Ride Map

Three Steps for Assertive Communication

On the Bus Scenarios

Presentation: 6th Grade Traffic Safety PowerPoint (PDF)


Bike Safety Waivers

ALPACA Poster 

List of needed materials

1.3 ALPACA Signs