Garbage, recycling, and composting

Look up your provider and learn about conservation

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Become a Master Recycler

Master Recyclers are a volunteer corps who inspire neighbors and coworkers into action.

Find garbage, recycling and composting company and collection schedule

Your curbside collection company and schedule are based on your street address, for both weekly and monthly customers. Look up the provider and schedule for pickup of your trash, recyclables, and compost. Also, sign up for garbage day email reminders.

Make your own garbage, recycling and compost signs

Use the online make-your-own poster tool to create simplified waste signs that show just the items that staff or customers will have in your business.

Request an extra capacity waste container

Low-income or health condition related households can receive extra solid waste capacity in the form of a bigger solid waste container (one size larger than current service level) or additional 35 gallon cart service at no extra cost.

Request non-curbside service for disabled customers

Disabled residential customers who are unable to carry garbage, composting, or recycling carts to the curb because of a permanent, extended, or temporary health condition can apply to have this service performed.