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Work out at home with Sunday Parkways fitness videos! Live classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 a.m. and noon. Videos are posted on this page afterward so you can join in anytime. For new live classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday go to:

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Week 2: Trainer Tyra's Fitness Takeover Dance Class

This class is for all ages! Trainer Tyra brings her energy and enthusiasm to you with a mix of Zumba® and Sabor Afro-Latino rhythms. Trainer Tyra gives you the option to sit or stand while you dance. Accessibility Features: Trainer Tyra's dance lessons are designed for people to join whether sitting and standing. She also uses hand signals to signify next moves.

Week 2: Keyante Watkins' Sunday Parkways P.E. Dance Class

This class is for kids of all ages! Try out Hip-Hop dancing with these new moves and get strong with Keyante Watkins, NBA Dancer for the Rip City Crew. 

Week 1: DJ Prashant's Fitness Takeover Dance Classes

This class is for all ages! Come teleport to the dream city of Mumbai to learn expressive Bollywood dances from India’s biggest film industry. Release stress and get fit while dancing along with DJ Prashant. 

Week 1: DJ Prashant's PE Dance Classes

This class is for kids of all ages! Join in the joyful traditions of Bhangra from the North Indian state of Punjab with DJ Prashant for this fun and energizing class.