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Timeline update for bureau stakeholders. Ready for content to launch exclusively on Plans for when the homepage will transition to

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We have a couple bureaus that are ready to publish content exclusively on the new platform this November. If you have programs that can stand alone on the new platform and want to take advantage of the improved mobile and accessible experience, please contact the team to plan the redirect of content from (POG) to the new site.

Launching the new homepage

In an effort to give key bureaus time to create a more complete website on, we are establishing a new timeline for the "launch" of as the new homepage.

After we update the homepage to, some content such as TrackIT forms or applications built into the old content management system will still be available from a "" address. Because both sites will continue to exist while we are migrating those applications in 2020, we need a way to make sure that services and information on either site are still easy to find.

Our approach is to set a list of "gates", milestones that we must pass as an organization, that allow us to know when enough of the site is ready for the community. The following implementation plan outlines the steps to get to those gates.

Work planned in next few weeks

  • Index the new site to show up in the existing search results

  • Make sure the top searches on POG have a search result on

  • Update search to point back to POG search as needed

  • Market the new in a banner across the top of POG

We will redirect POG homepage to when the following gates are passed:

  • City Charter, Code, and Policies are migrated. 

  • Park Finder is migrated — this represents 10 percent of our site traffic by itself.

  • Elected official websites are migrated.

  • All high use services are published — any service with more than 5,000 pageviews per year.

  • All bureau and program sites (groups) have either a redirect back to POG or content published to that serves as a starting point for community use.

Timeline for changes

We expect that all of the gates should be passed by as early as January, but no later than June 30, 2020.

This approach takes away any obstacles to launching early if all of our gates have been met. It will also allow us to launch the new platform even if a bureau has not entirely completed their migration.