Spectator Venues

Portland's sports, arts and entertainment venues support the local economy and give people a place to have fun, whether they're watching a Broadway show or a Trail Blazers game.

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Map of Spectator Venues

The Spectator Venues Program oversees the City of Portland's interest in City-owned venues including the Moda Center, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Providence Park and the Portland'5 Centers for the Arts. Collectively, these venues attract millions of visitors every year and generate millions of dollars for the local economy.

City-owned venues are operated through contracts and partnerships, each tailored to the venue and the people it serves. In general, the City pays for operations, maintenance, repair, capital improvements and debt service. The Spectator Venues Program also plays an active role in supporting travel, tourism and economic development in greater Portland.

This program is funded by the Spectator Venues & Visitor Activities Fund, with revenue from three primary sources:

  • Taxes on event tickets at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the Moda Center and Providence Park.
  • Parking fees at the Rose Quarter.
  • An annual allocation from the Multnomah County Visitor Facilities Trust Account, which is funded by a 2.5 percent transient lodging tax surcharge.

To make facilities and programs accessible, the City of Portland is developing an Americans With Disabilities Act transition plan.