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Offices and Programs

Archives & Records Management

The Archives and Records Management Division operates the City of Portland Archives and Records Center, making city administrative and historical records accessible to the public and City employees for research and inspection in accordance with Oregon's public records laws.

Audit Services

The Audit Services Division is the auditing branch of the elected City Auditor's Office. The Division's mission is to conduct performance and financial audits of City operations, and to make recommendations to improve efficiency, effectiveness and equity of City bureaus, offices and functions.

Council clerk and contracts

The division's core functions are Council Clerk, central repository for City contracts, check disbursements, and maintain City Charter and Code.


Assists the public with election issues, such as running for City office or filing an initiative petition. Working with other governmental partners such as the Multnomah County Elections Division and the Oregon Secretary of State's Elections Division, the office oversees City elections.

Hearings Office

The City's Hearings Office conducts impartial administrative hearings and renders decisions in Land Use Hearings, Code Hearings, Appeals of City Decisions, Towing Hearings, and other administrative matters.

The Hearings Office is part of the Auditor's Office.

Independent Police Review

The City Auditor's Independent Police Review provides impartial oversight of police conduct, practices, and policies to increase accountability and public trust.

Lobbyist Regulations and Political Consultant Reporting

The City's Lobbying and Political Consultant Regulations serve to improve transparency and inform the public of efforts to influence City Officials. Both programs are disclosure-based with information required from certain City Officials, lobbying entities, and political consultants.


The Ombudsman is your Rose City watchdog. We are here to make sure City government treats Portland residents and businesses fairly. We investigate complaints and identify ways to resolve them. As part of the City Auditor’s Office, we’re independent and impartial.