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How to use the Fire and Police Disability and Retirement member portal

Step 1 - Create your (POG) login

  • We will link two systems, the FPDR information we have for each member with an account at (often called a "POG" account)
  • If you currently do not have a POG account, this link will direct you to create a new POG account with an email address and password
  • Once linked, you only ever need to sign in with the POG account email address and password to access all the benefits of the FPDR portal

Access the FPDR member portal

Step 2 - Link your POG and FPDR data to complete your portal login

Please let us help identify you

Once signed into your POG account, we need to link it to your FPDR information. The initialization process will require the following:

  1. PIN code assigned by FPDR (you may need to call FPDR to obtain your PIN)
  2. First name (as listed in FPDR records)
  3. Last name (as listed in FPDR records)
  4. Date of birth
  5. Last 4 digits of your social security number

If a match is found, you will be prompted with a Terms and Conditions screen. Please accept the terms and conditions.

If a match is not found, please call FPDR for assistance in setting up your access.

Step 3 - View and manage your personal information on the FPDR portal

Edit participant sub tabs

Under the personal data tab there are six sub tabs. Click on each tab to view or update the information FPDR has for you in the database.

Your information includes:

  • Details tab
  • Addresses tab
  • Phone numbers tab
  • Emails tab
  • Family members tab
  • Personal data sheet tab

For active city employees only, the Details screen cannot be changed by FPDR. Please follow your bureau procedure to request a change in SAP. Once SAP makes a change, FPDR receives the update the following business day.

Modify personal information

Edit participant phone number example

There must always be a “Preferred” contact type, whether it is a preferred email, a preferred address, or a preferred phone number. The preferred contact information can be edited, but not deleted.

Disability tab

If you have disability claims, View Claims will show some information for individual claims. Click on the View buttons that correspond to "Claim" or "Cost" to see additional details.

View claims bar
View disability menu selections

View payment statements shows your individual payments for the last three years.

View transaction history will show all payments, for all claims.

Pension tab

View pension menu selections

If you are a retiree, View Annual Tax Summary shows a mock up of your 1099-R for the last three years. This is not an official 1099-R and is for informational purposes only.

View payment statements shows your individual payments for the last three years.

View pension summary is a general report about your monthly pension amount.

View transaction history show a month by month list of payments.

Edit withholdings allows you to edit your Federal and Oregon state tax withholdings if you currently have taxes withheld. If you need to begin or stop withholding, you must call FPDR for assistance.

Edit withholdings screen

Contact us tab

View Contact Us with Claims

If you have disability claims, you will see Claim Details and a Claim drop down box. To send an email regarding a claim, select a claim from the drop down box and enter a message. Click on Submit. The email will be directed to the staff member responsible.

To send an email on other subjects, choose the subject, enter the message and include how best to respond to you. You may add attachments as necessary. Click on Submit. The email will be directed to the staff member responsible.

If you choose to add attachments, you may attach images (jpg, gif, png, tiff), Word documents (doc, docx) or PDFs. Please mask or black out any social security numbers from documents before attaching.

Log Out

Click on Log Out to be disconnected from the portal. You will be directed to the Fire and Police Disability and Retirement main website.