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The Residential Infill Project public hearings are over. Now what?

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City Council is reviewing concepts for amendments in response to public testimony. Community members will have an opportunity to testify on the amendments in March 2020.

Last month, City Council heard from 140 testifiers at public hearings and received more than 500 pieces of written testimony on the RIP Recommended Draft proposals. Thank you to everyone who took the time to prepare and submit testimony and attend the hearings!

Commissioners and staff have been reviewing the testimony to identify opportunities for amendments to further improve the proposals. On Jan. 29, Council held a work session with staff to discuss four technical amendments, including:

  1. Changes to align the proposals with recently adopted projects for consistency.
  2. Changes to align duplex allowances with state mandates in HB2001.
  3. Changes to respond to the SB 534 requirement to recognize certain substandard platted lots.
  4. Creating a combined process for lot consolidations and property line adjustments.

Read more about the amendment concepts:

City Council will discuss additional amendment concepts on Feb. 12 at 2 p.m. to determine which concepts could be developed into formal amendment proposals. Council will then hold another public hearing in March to hear testimony on the final specific amendments.

Watch the Council meetings live or after the fact.