PCEF Grant Committee Meeting — April 9, 2020

This meeting will include a report on public input received on draft guiding principles; updates on committee member recruitment and capacity building efforts; and discussion of grant review process.

7:00 pm
9:00 pm

Due to safety precautions in regards to COVID-19 outbreak, this meeting is available via video conferencing or call-in only


7:00 pm — Opening inspiration

Public meeting called to order                         

Approval of March 31, 2020 meeting minutes

7:05 pm — Public comment

7:15 pm — Draft guiding principles — public input report

7:25 pm — Discuss and finalize guiding principles

7:40 pm — Committee member recruitment plan

8:00 pm — Capacity building update

8:15 pm — Application review process

8:50 pm — Committee member comments and updates

9:00 pm — Meeting adjourned

Meeting materials